2/3 IDPA Steel Target

//2/3 IDPA Steel Target

2/3 IDPA Steel Target


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Keep up your training with this 2/3 IDPA steel target. Used in practical self-defense scenarios, the IDPA silhouette challenges shooters to become more accurate and effective.  Designed to mount easily on our Speed Stand at a safe downward angle, you can be improving your marksmanship and skill set in no time.  Better yet, it’s made from the same ultra-tough AR500 steel as our 9″x9″ gong targets, able to withstand 9mm, .40 S&W, .223, .308 and many more.

  • measures 12×20″ in 3/8″ AR500
  • for 9mm, .40 S&W, .223, .308 and more
  • positive reaction of sound and movement
  • square holes for carriage bolts – no tools needed
  • neon orange powder coat
  • 90 day warranty
  • manufactured in Canada
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Tactical Experience

This 2/3 IDPA target (12″x20″x3/8″) offers a tactical, competition-style shooting environment.  The real life design offers a unique challenge, testing enthusiast’s composure, accuracy and speed.  As opposed to basic long range shooting targets, the IDPA silhouette is very beneficial when training in closer self-defense scenarios.  Widely used in both paper and steel variations, the IDPA target is a familiar shape that aids in skill development.

What Is IDPA?

IDPA is a time-based real world competition that challenges shooters’ skill and composure.  This target style is composed of 3 scoring zones: -0, -1, and -3.  Simply put, each number corresponds to points down which are measured in ½ second increments:  -0 adds nothing to your time, -1 adds ½ second, and -3 adds 1½ seconds.  Competitors are timed from the sound of the buzzer until their last shot is fired (raw time), with any rounds hitting -1 or -3 being added to the raw time.  There are various other rules regarding hitting non-threats, failure to neutralize threats, and procedural penalties which affect the final score.  For the purposes of the everyday enthusiast, however, the goal when practising on this steel target is to aim for -0 zones: centre-mass and head shots.


Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 20.5 × 0.375 in

3 reviews for 2/3 IDPA Steel Target

  1. Jeremy Budgell

    This target has surpassed my expectations! Already have 500 rounds on this target, mainly 5.56 and 9mm, and it’s still holding up great. Couple this target with the speed stand and you have a lot of fun coming your way, the stand and target held up to repetitive engagements for several hours until the mounting bolts gave out…guess I should stop hitting it in the shoulders haha!
    Overall, I am really happy with this product and can’t wait to pick up some more items from this great company!

    Well done Drummond!

  2. sethriedrobertson (verified owner)

    Saw an add on Instagram for these guys and had to check them out. Best prices for targets in Canada that I could find and when I received my order in amazing time I couldn’t have been more happy! This target is amazing and is holding up to higher caliber rifle rounds such as 8mm Mauser fmj and 7.62x54r steel core ammunition beautifully! I love to hear that steel sing! If you’re looking for an amazing product with the best costumer service I’ve ever experienced online, these guys will surpass your expectation! Thanks Drummond shooting!!

  3. andre daoust (verified owner)

    Target is awesome and works very well. Doing great holding up to my 6.5 CM and 5.56. 100% would recomend!

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