Why We Love Steel Targets

//Why We Love Steel Targets

Why We Love Steel Targets

Whether you’re new to shooting or have years of experience, the benefits of shooting steel remain the same.  Our AR steel targets are long-lasting, give visual and audible feedback, and help to reduce the amount of debris left behind in shooting areas.


Certainly, at one time or another, we’ve all come across old appliances, TVs, computers, and probably a piece or two of furniture at your favorite shooting spot.  It’s also probably safe to assume that the temptation to destroy a malfunctioning piece of electronics was at some point just too great, so you took it out and shot it to pieces!  It happens.  But the negatives of shooting items like this are fairly hard to ignore.


Shooting metal objects that aren’t flat and don’t have a downward angle of deflection can cause unwanted bullet splatter direction, as well as ricochets.  Pair that up with the garbage that typically gets left behind after shooting things like this, as well as hazardous substances like lead, mercury, cadmium, brominated flame retardants and CFCs which weaken the ozone layer, and shooting reusable steel targets starts sounding like a far superior option.


With our AR steel gongs you can feel good about what you shoot.  They provide the feedback you rely on to improve accuracy and hone your shooting skills.  Each and every hit on the plate results in movement and sound, unlike shooting the paper-thin metal on your buddy’s old mini fridge.  The extremely durable steel that we cut our targets from will last you a very long time when used at the appropriate yardages, and that’s a major upside for your wallet and the environment.

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  1. David Williams May 9, 2016 at 1:23 pm

    Bought your Drummond AR450 pistol gong and love it. About time I could get some local AR targets. I will be saving up and buying the AR500 rifle target also. Great job keep up the awesome work. Thank you David Williams

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