Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

//Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

So you heard that if your steel targets aren’t ½” or ¾” thick AR 500, then you’ll be making Swiss cheese out of them in no time. Maybe this was passed along from someone hitting plates with their Barrett .50 cal., or someone who just likes lugging around heavy plates and spending more money than necessary. We believe in using only what the job calls for.

If you’re anything like us, you love your .22 rimfire. It’s accurate, lightweight, and cheap to shoot all day long; it’s a shooters gun. Now, what thickness and type of steel do you need for your .22? From our testing we’ve determined that 3/16″ AR 450 is more than adequate. Our 6″x7″ AR 450 gong is the perfect size for close to medium range shooting. And the thinner the steel plate, the more it sings when shot, so our 3/16″ material is great for those times you want to flip up your iron sights and have definite confirmation of hits on target.

Here’s an added bonus. These gongs are stronger than they may appear, and can actually withstand shots from 9mm and .40 S&W. So if you’re range allows it, or you’re able to take your handgun out to your favorite shooting spots, test out the strength for yourself. At just $28 and under 2 ½ lbs. it’s not hard to imagine yourself with multiple plates, testing your abilities and improving your skills. We don’t enjoy wasting our hard-earned money any more than you do. Don’t go overboard on steel gong thickness. Get what you need from Drummond Shooting, and shoot the right stuff.

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